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Avoid brushing your hair

February 29, 2012 -- Urban Salon Finder

The bristles of a brush can damage the scalp and tear the hair cuticles, especially if used on kinky curly hair, which is extremely fine and fragile.  Although, if done correctly, brushing can help stimulate hair growth by strengthening the follicles and spreading natural oils, such as sebum, throughout the hair; it is much safer to gently use a comb or your fingers to stimulate the scalp.  Since you won't be spreading oils with a brush, you can simply apply an oil treatment directly to the ends.  If you feel that you must brush, only use one with natural boar bristles and never brush wet hair.

Avoid drying your hair with a towel

January 22, 2012 -- Urban Salon Finder

Towels tend to snag hair, especially curly hair, and can even leave behind annoying lint.  Instead, try using a smooth surface cloth such as a cotton t-shirt, pillowcase, or even boxer shorts.  These alternatives are much safer for your hair, but remember to only blot gently and never vigorously rub your hair and scalp.

Embrace your shrinkage

October 08, 2012 -- Urban Salon Finder

When referring to curly hair, shrinkage is the difference in length of your hair when it falls naturally (dry hair) and the length when it is extended.  Wavy hair shrinks around 2 to 4 inches, medium curly hair around 5 to 8 inches, and extremely tight curls can shrink around 9 to 12 inches, sometimes more.  It varies from mane to mane, but two things remain the same for every curly head--your hair will be healthier, and your life will be easier if you can learn to embrace your hair shrinkage and choose a style that works with it, not against it.

For a healthy style, try a braid-out

February 21, 2012 -- Urban Salon Finder

A braid-out is a great way to add waves to straight hair or stretch and lengthen curly hair without using a heated styling tool, such as a curling iron or crimper.  A braid-out is a healthful style choice for your hair, and it is easy to do.  First, wash and condition your hair.  Second, part your hair into sections (four sections will usually suffice, but you may want more depending on your preference--the smaller the braid, the tighter the wave pattern will be).  Third, gently comb each section and then braid it.  If your hair is prone to frizz, you may want to add a small amount of styling gel to each section before braiding.  Remember not to braid your hair too tightly--you do not want to have any tension near the scalp.  For the safest and healthiest option, let your hair air-dry (time will vary depending on climate and hair texture, but thick hair usually takes at least 12 hours).  If you don't have time to let your hair air dry, you can use a blow-dryer with a diffuser or a hood dryer (time will vary depending on texture, but thick hair usually takes at least 60 to 90 minutes).  After your hair is completely dry, unbraid each section and let the styling fun begin.  Results will vary depending on texture, but you should have some luscious waves to work with--the possibilities are endless.